Richard LeBourdais

Appointed Director, AME BC
Regional Representative (Kamloops Region)
Honourary Chief, Whispering Pines / Clinton Indian Band


I am a Secwepemc7uwi citizen.

I had the Honor of serving my community as leader and Chief for many years. I  am proud to say that I have served with the Council of Chiefs of the Shuswap Nation, and maintain a working relationship with all the Chiefs, Councilors and members.

As a First Nations Owner/Operator of Kenkeknem (Black Bear) Developments Inc., an exploration and mining company,,  and as a Director on the Board of the Association for Mineral Exploration of BC, we are faced with many challenges, especially with the current economic position. Promoting a better understanding between First Nations Industry and Governments will be on ongoing task in itself.

As an AME BC Board member and a First Nations Citizen, the challenge is how CAN we and how DO we work together?  Respecting each other autonomies while addressing the wishes of our respectful memberships and their concerns such as our Environment, First Nations and Industry Economics, Federal and Provincial Regulations, as well as many other concerns.

I am willing to provide my knowledge and expertise to assist our Association, Companies and Our First Nation Leadership to work together.  I believe that co-operatively we can build a sustainable working relationship, to address First Nation and Company concerns.

Kukschem,  “All my Relations”

Honorary Chief Richard LeBourdais

“One Heart, One Mind, One Spirit, One Body”

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