Integrated Social Responsibility Committee

The AME BC Integrated Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee is a group of representatives engaged in the coal and mineral exploration, development and mining industry. The Committee is endeavouring to provide the membership of AME BC with the resources to become aware of, understand and adopt industry best practices in CSR.  AME BC collaborates with institutions such as Canadian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy, PDAC, and other partners on CSR initiatives. We believe that through sharing best practices and adopting high standards of environmental mitigation, our industry can develop coal and mineral properties that bring economic development and better lives to the local communities.

AME ISR Committee Learning Sessions
Produced by Sustainability TV 


Members as of June 2016

Andrew Mathewson, Chair
Angela Johnson, Vice Chair
Mafalda Arias
Shannon Bard
Peter Bradshaw
Spencer Durant
Gil Davis
Mariana Fregonese
Natasha Gibson
Daniel Lipinski
Jonathan Lotz
Katheryn McIvor
Paul Mitchell-Banks
Monica Moretto
Craig Noordmans
Natasha Poznanski
Ilianne Robredo
Jill Tsolinas

Rick Conte, Staff Lead
Gavin Dirom, Staff Support
Tracey Sexton, Staff Support


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