Aboriginal & Community Overview

AME BC is recognized as an expert in aboriginal and community engagement for the mineral exploration sector.

Responsible mineral exploration is possible only through building and sustaining strong, open, and long-lasting relationships built on trust and mutual understanding. AME BC works with local communities and First Nations to build the positive relationships that are integral to successful resource development.

AME BC provides tools and assistance that allow its members to engage with local communities and First Nations. With an imminent shortage of skilled employees over the next several years, the association also participates in initiatives to develop Aboriginal skills and increase Aboriginal employment in the minerals sector workforce.

AME BC Aboriginal Relations Guiding Principles

AME BC recognizes that building respectful and sustainable relationships with Aboriginal Peoples will assist its members in having access to land and resources, security of tenure, access to services and labour, and to operate according to standards of good corporate practice.

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Ross River Dena Council vs. Government of Yukon Update for AME BC Members

The Yukon Chamber of Mines (YCM), as interveners in the Ross River Dena Council vs. Government of Yukon case, is leading this file on behalf of their members operating in Yukon. The case is in regard to Yukon Government’s duty to consult prior to granting mineral claims in a part of the Kaska First Nation traditional territory in Yukon referred to as the Ross River area. We are encouraging the Yukon Government, First Nations and Yukon Chamber of Mines to work together to resolve this issue in a practical way that brings certainty to everyone. AME BC is supporting YCM and following this important file closely. The Government of Yukon has been given 60 days to determine if it will appeal the decision to the Supreme Court of Canada. At this time, the Government of Yukon has not made a public statement about its plans.


Here is information related to the case for your information:


As of follow-up to our verbal submission provided on October 8, 2013 in Prince George, the Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (AME BC) is pleased to provide the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services with recommendations for Budget 2014 that will attract investment, create jobs and build on BC’s great history and future of mineral exploration and development.

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