Policy Overview

AME BC is an industry advocate organization for successful and responsible mineral exploration and development. With a strong business cluster, British Columbia has earned its status as the international centre of excellence for mineral exploration and mining over many years - but must work hard at maintaining that status in the face of global competition. In keeping with AME BC’s strategic plan and guiding principles, the following are key public policy areas and issues where AME BC is taking a leadership role and developing position statements that reflect the broad interests and values of BC’s global mineral explorers and developers. 

Strategic Plan
AME BC’s 5-Year Strategic Plan was developed to guide our activities, services and partnerships from 2013 to 2017. Read more+
Top Policy Issues
This paper, produced annually by AME BC, is intended to provide a high-level review of the top seven issues facing BC’s mineral exploration sector and to offer specific recommendations. Read more+
Guiding Principles
AME BC Guiding Principles to date include: Aboriginal Relations, Environmental, Geoscience, Health and Safety, Land Use, and Uranium & Thorium Exploration. View now+


Aboriginal & Community

AME BC is recognized as an expert in aboriginal and community engagement for the mineral exploration sector. Read more+



Corporate Social Responsibility

AME BC recognizes that corporate responsibility and respect for human rights, in the quest for mine development around the world, is being questioned and challenged on many fronts. AME BC is committed to assisting our members reach their highest potential and that includes acting as the most responsible national and international mineral exploration companies in the world. Read more+




British Columbia’s Geosciences and Geological databases are consistently viewed as being among the top in the world. Read more+


Government Budget Submissions

AME BC's provincial and federal pre-budget submissions Read more+



Health and Safety

AME BC is a leader in providing tools and resources for a safe day every day. Read more+




Investment in essential infrastructure such as roads, hydro, rail, and ports, is vital to the sustainability of the mineral exploration and mining industry in BC. Read more+



Land Access and Use

AME BC works with governments, communities, and stakeholders to maintain access to land for mineral exploration. Read more+


Mineral Exploration & Mine Development Permitting

British Columbia has one the most rigorous assessment processes in place. 
Read more+

Securities & Taxation

An effective and progressive securities and taxation regime is a critical component to encouraging mineral exploration that may lead to successful mine development. Read more+